Rainy Season in Thailand

Thailand weather when is the Rainy Season in Thailand

Thailand weather - When is the rainy season?

Rainy season in Thailand

The rainy season in Thailand has just started, but what does that actually mean? As Thailand is surrounded by water it will often experience prolonged periods of rainfall. Due to the location of Thailand it only has 3 seasons. These are the Hot, Cool and Rainy seasons. The rainy season can differ from location to location in Thailand. With the north of Thailand experiencing less rainfall than south, but the rainfall is more prolonged in the north. This is the season that last the longest.

When does the rainy season start?

The rainy season will generally start around the end of May each year and continue through to October. This is not necessarily the same as parts of Thailand can start earlier and finish later than this. In some years it has been as early as April and finish as late as November.

What causes the rainy season?

The main cause of the rainy season is warm moist air that comes across from India. This will generally coincide with the start of monsoon season each year. Also due to Thailand’s location in the southeast Asian tropical rain belt, it will also experience an increase in rain fall due to the regions tropical cyclones.

Raint season in Thailand
Raint season in Thailand

How much rain will fall?

That is actually quite difficult to answer. In Thailand a lot of rain can fall in a few hours, with torrential downpours are not uncommon. During these downpours you will often see roads in major cities being flooded. This is due to insufficient drainage. But the Thai’s will often build an overflow trench down the middle of all major highways to keep traffic moving. You will see these help the traffic flow in major cities.

The rainfall can be as little as a few millimetres or even as much a month’s worth of rain can fall in a day. This is down to how the monsoon season is shaping up. You should be prepared for heavy downpours though. It is advisable to purchase an umbrella or a cheap rain poncho from a seven eleven. In Bangkok it is quite common to see that Thai people roll up their trousers and wad through the water. Remember this is nothing new to them.

Will the rainy season ruin my holiday?

The rain will fall no matter what time of year it is. As there is so much to see and do in Thailand I can’t see this ruining anyone’s holiday. But it can cause you to change the activities you do. In some cases the travel firms may cancel certain trips that are deemed too dangerous.

Are there any benefits to visiting Thailand in the rainy season?

This is where you can save yourself a lot of money on hotels. Due to the number of visitors that are put off by the rain, many hotels will often reduce their prices drastically during this period. There are some real bargains to be had here. You may also find that other business follow suit and reduce their prices to try and bring in more customers too. You just have to look around.

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